Monday, November 9, 2009


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Over the weekend, the Blondes set out to make Ila's World Famous Crabapple Jelly. Here's how we did it:

Clean and sort the apples and cut in half - no need to seed or peel...

Then add water or apple juice or cider to cover the apples and simmer until they are mushy. Mash them slightly and then hang over a pot in a jelly bag or sieve lined with cheesecloth. Let it sit, gently pushing down on the apples every once in a while, until you get all of the juice out of the apples.

Then bring the apples back to a boil, add sugar to taste and 1 package of Sure-Jell. Boil hard for five minutes, stirring constantly.
That's it! Just let the jelly cool and then fill plastic containers (Ball has some cute ones with purple tops), cool completely and freeze!

This jelly didn't taste exactly like Ila's, but it's better than no Crabapple Jelly at all!

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