Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WILD TURKEY (as in Bird, not whiskey)

Both of our significant others consider themselves as the Great White Hunters of the Intermountain West. That being the case, we often find ourselves cooking game. Since the Blondes like to walk on the wild side, this isn't a problem.

Our method for cooking wild turkey follows:

First, open a bottle of Wild Turkey and have a little...
Then wash and dry some fresh rosemary & sage:

Chop it coarsely and work it into some butter

Massage the turkey (we don't rub our turkeys - it's against the law in Utah) with the butter mixture and roast until the breast reaches 165 degrees internally - Looks good huh? Don't let it's looks deceive you, this wild turkey was a tough old bird.

So, we sliced the breast and ate it for dinner, leaving the rest of the meat for our favorite leftover turkey recipe - Turkey Noodle Soup

To be continued....

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